Long Island Corvair Association

John and Cathy Sunden Memorial Fund

Nobody embodied the spirit and passion of the Corvair hobby quite like John and Cathy Sunden.  

They were always there when someone needed a helping hand, or a part for their car from John’s extensive collection.  For them it was all about preserving the legacy of the Corvair, and making friends with those who shared this pursuit along the way.  They'd do anything to help make your Corvair run a little better, or look a little sharper.

Unfortunately, after many years of fighting illness, John and Cathy both passed away within 3 weeks of each other.  They have left a lasting memory in our hearts and at our club. In their memory, Long Island Corvair Association has set up a scholarship fund that will award 1 club member with a $100 scholarship per year. Please see details below on how to apply for scholarship. 

Scholarship Fund details/ Requirements
     • LICA will award 1 $100 scholarship per year
      • LICA member must have spent over $1,000 on repairs within the calendar (must         show receipts to prove)
      • Must be a LICA member in good standing
      • Award will be drawn at our annual show in September. All names will be put into          a drawing with a name pulled at random by the LICA President. Check will                      presented to member at the Annual show 
      • Scholarship application is due by our annual show.  OR you can mail  your                      application along with required documents to our PO Box. 

Download Application Here

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